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Accounting & Distribution Suits. Sage 300 (formerly Sage 300 ERP)
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Sage 300 Solutions

Sage 300 (formerly Sage 300 ERP) software program to divide systems of 7 core modules are SM,GL,AP,AR,IC,PO,OE by to divide by 3 part.
accpac คือ โปรแกรม คู่มือ การใช้โปรแกรม accpac การติดตั้งการใช้ sage accpac คือ ระบบ accpac คือ ระบบerp,erp คือ,sage คือ,ระบบ erp หมายถึง

- Control systems and security for data is SM systems.
- Control accounting and finanacial are GL, AP, and AR.
- Control dispense, order and stocks are IC, PO and OE.
The control management to divide 2 parts are Administrative Service and Common Servieces  

Administrative Service
   Administrative Service for management and create permisstion for user to user it and ckeck error form work and backup data reuser data.

Common Services
Common Services for keep data information in your business example name, address, type of money, rate of change ,tax invoice ect.
General Ledgee (GL)
  Is the foundation of your accounting system. Its built-in flexibility meets both the current and future financial needs of organizations of all types and sizes.

Accounts Payable (A/P)
  Provides robust accounting features to streamline your entire cash flow process and help you save money. The powerful Accounts Payable library of accounting and reporting features facilitates rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement and full check reconciliation using Bank Services.

Account Receivable (A/R)
  You can manage your customers and fine-tune customer relations by keeping track of important sales information and outstanding balances. Accounts Receivable allows you to easily apply cash to outstanding invoices and create recurring charges for quick invoicing of monthly charges.

Inventory Control (I/C)
  Inventory Control manages stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments. Inventory Control provides for effective inventory management by offering extensive screen inquiries and reporting

Order Entry (O/E)
  Order Entry enables you to enter orders, invoices and sales returns, and print invoices, credit notes, order confirmations, picking slips and shipping labels. You can track transaction details and sales information on screen and on printed reports.  

Purchase Order (P/O)
  When combined with Accounts Payable, Inventory Control and Order Entry, ACCPAC Advantage Series Purchase Orders provides a comprehensive, integrated purchasing system. Receipts automatically update inventory and invoices for the received items, and the invoices are automatically transferred to Accounts Payable.
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