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Sage Asprova i-Reporter AutoSimply OrchidSystem Sage Asprova i-Reporter AutoSimply OrchidSystem Sage Asprova i-Reporter AutoSimply OrchidSystem
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Accounting & Distribution Suits. Sage 300 (formerly Sage 300 ERP)
   What is ConMas i-Reporter?
  New style of “Field Reports”, recording, reporting and browsing through the iPad, iPhone and Windows, that integrates digital and handwritten input.  
Takes the paper forms you use daily, and turns them directly into electronic forms. Maintains the benefits of paper forms and makes them paperless and digital.
Offers the powerful functionality and light and speedy operation of an native application, and can operate off-line or outside of the coverage area.
With the function of "Document Manager", allows to access from iOS to the latest documents like PDF, office documents, drawing and web page. No need to carry heavy baggage anymore.
Unifies and manages all of your forms in a form database. Excel reports are also automatically created. Automated coordination with other, backend systems is also simple.
  By digitizing what was once necessarily hand-written work,
you can make your work faster and more effective, while decreasing your costs.
  Management by paper forms   With i-Reporter
  Do you ever encounter the following kinds of issues with paper forms on site?   i-Reporter provides the solution to these issues!
   Why not try to achieve a new management style?
Effects of Introduction

Eliminates transcription errors! Automating aggregation operations eliminates differences in calculation!
Excel daily reports are automated, eliminating the time taken to create daily reports!
Repeated data entry into other in-house systems is eliminated!
Eliminates the form storage space by using electronic storage!
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