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IP Phone Solution
Avaya one – X Quick Edition

Avaya one – X Quick Edition What an Avaya one – X Quick Edition?

Avaya one- x is telephone (IP PBX) for new office in the future to use standard protocol is SIP. Character of it to work is Peer to Peer as all phone in the systems is IP Phone such for system of LAN or Network can use LAN cable for telephone

Have Avaya one- X use server for IP PBX?

No, But IP Phone for Avaya one-x phone it have IP PBX .Once to have auxiliary to make auto attendant in it and  have auxiliary to commit voice mail.

How many people Avaya one - X to support user?

To be due Avaya one – x is to generation at first form Avaya such as for use it in SOHO (Small Office Head Office) and support 20 user or 20 extensions

Whish IP Phone form Avaya model to support Avaya one –X?

At suddenly have IP Phone to support Avaya one-X most 2 model is model 4610 SW and 4612 SW

If to take heed to use IP Phone Avaya one-x What to buy?

If you have net work or LAN system you can by IP Phone model to have power Supply and PSTN gateway 4 ports for connection form TOT or True.

IP Phone model 4610 SW and model 4621SW   normal model to use Avaya communication Server Can use connect Avaya one-x?

No, Because software at pre-load in IP Phone this not true version.

How many ports PSTN gateway for connect form True or TOT use Avaya one-x?

4 ports only and 1 port is PSTN Lifeline as do you want to use more you can by PSIN gateway addend.

IP Phone model 4610SW and 4612SW support power LAN (POE). Yes or no?

IP Phone and PSIN gateway to support to 802.3af such as can use it to POE Switch.

How to fix extension number for user?

Not thing because systems can fix it an auto example 200,201,202 …. And you can fix it by manual .In case to outgoing call please pass 9 pass PSTN gateway and follow in your phone number.

Avaya one –X can setup music on hold?

You can use CD Walkman or MP3 connect to Music on Hold Jack is on PSTN Gateway and You can user Voice Mail at 20 minute

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