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Accounting & Distribution Suits. Sage 300 (formerly Sage 300 ERP)
>> Optional features for even more advanced scheduling
Included by default
in Asprova APS
Linking sales information and production planning
Application: Automatic compilation of production orders from sales information, backward planning and assignment for required date.

- The production plan and sales orders can be linked in order to predict delivery time.
- Compilation of a sales plan from yearly or monthly production plans.
- Links directly with raw material and purchase orders.
Include by default
in Asprova APS
Linking and synchronization of the production plan and purchase information
Application: Automatic compilation of purchase plan from the production plan. Creation of middle or long term purchase plans. Use already existing materials purchase plan as constraint when making the production plan.

- Compile a purchase plan
- Link between the current stock levels and sales orders
- Specify purchase lot-sizes


KPI (Key Performance Indicators) evaluated for a whole project or specific orders, resource or products and then saved in history.
Main KPI (from a total of 51 kinds) :
- Turnover - ROI Return on investment
- External labor costs - Degree of delivery reliability
- Personnel costs - Delivery reliability of suppliers
- Total costs - Total/finished and intermediate goods in piece numbers
- Profit - Total/WIP and finished goods in cash value
- Rate of profit - Purchased item inventory
Resource Lock
After completing the production a resource can be locked for a certain amount of time
Example: Tank facilities etc.
- Locking the resource until the succeeding process begins.
- Locking the resource until the succeeding process ends
- Locking the resource for a certain time period after the start of the succeeding process
Time Constraint MAX
Maximum time between processes can be preset
Example: Perishable WIP such as food and beverages, chemicals and medicines etc.
- The time between the end of the previous process and the start of the next process can be restricted.
- Time between the start of the previous process and the start of the next process can be restricted.
Group Assign
Grouping operations, assigning them either simultaneously or consecutively
- The production start time is the same for the same resource.
- The production start time is the same for difference resources.
- Operations are linked consecutively according to the specified order.
- Simultaneous start and consecutive start can also be combined. (Requires plug-in)
Set event conditions for each resource and generate event
- Automatic planning of one-day maintenance after a specified amount of use.
- Automatic planning of half-hour equipment cleaning after a specific length of time in use.
- Automatic insertion of set-up times before/after/during specific orders.
Work sequences can be optimized for all resources
As long as orders are not delayed can perform the following:
- Grouping of lots of same products within a certain period.
- Order the work sequence to minimize the set-up time.
- Sorting from light to dark color or from thick to thin metal sheets
- Takes into account multiple properties.
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