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Sage Asprova i-Reporter AutoSimply OrchidSystem Sage Asprova i-Reporter AutoSimply OrchidSystem Sage Asprova i-Reporter AutoSimply OrchidSystem
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Accounting & Distribution Suits. Sage 300 (formerly Sage 300 ERP)
We sought to fill out forms that are easy to read, understand and that will allow on-site workers to perform input easily without mistakes and without increasing their burdens. Anticipating the security measures desired for business use, we have equipped the program with user management, access authorization management, and information leak prevention features.
People in charge on-site will be able to easily design input screens through Excel on their devices. Changing layouts of forms and adding items even after operation of the program has begun is also easy for them. The program can easily and automatically conduct data coordination with external systems like host computers, office computers, and ERP systems. Post-input hours will be reduced to zero.
We have prepared a variety of functions you will need in order to transfer the daily, on-site operations currently facilitated by paper forms into our system.    
   When Introduced for Maintenance and Servicing Operations
   System configuration

ConMas i-Reporter is a package software configured with following applications.

1. ConMas Server
2. ConMas Manager
3. ConMas Designer
4. i-Reporter App.
5. External system coordination API

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