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Peresoft Cashbook For Sage 300

is a powerful business solutionthat maintains yourbank account and organizes your Cashflow.Integration with Sage 300 AdvantageSeries ensures complete solution. We have been adding value to Sage 300 accountingsoftware for the past twenty one years,
developingsuperior add on solutions which compliment and enhance Sage 300’s functionality.Our multiple award winning Cashbook’s installed base runs into thousands of registered users worldwide. Our solutions have assisted users in streamlining their cash management resulting in increased productivity and profitability.We have an unmatched reputation for dedication tosoftware excellence and consistent high levels of after sales support.

Sage 300 Integrated Multicurrency, User Security and Tax Tracking
Give your business a global competitive
edge with Cashbook’s sophisticated
Multicurrency capability. Cashbook simplifies complex international transactions through full Multicurrency support. Each Cashbook database and bank account you create can have a different currency.

Exercise Total Control Over Exchange Rates
Set up unlimited exchange rates for each currency. Exchange rates will be used when converting from one currency to another enabling you to process all your transactions in foreign currency.

Define an Unlimited Number of Currencies
Standard international currency codes and common currency rates are included in Cashbook. When interfaced to Sage 300 Advantage Series the multicurrency tables in System Manager will be used.

Security Groups to Control User Access
By creating simple security groups users have to be authorized to access any of the functions provided by Cashbook. Through assigning user rights you are able to secure your cheques and receipts by preventing users from overriding your cheque/receipt numbers and print destination or canceling a cheque run.

Tax Tracking

Full VAT, GST and all applicable taxes on your transactions can be calculated and tracked. Tax groups allows users to enter amounts that are inclusive or exclusive of a specified percentage of tax and reallocates the tax amount to individual General Ledger accounts. Cashbook handles all your tax processing needs.

Interest and Bank Charges can be calculated and tracked by Cashbook

Cashbook will calculate interest rates on your bank balances. Interest Rates can be calculated daily or monthly. Through a bank charges table you are able to track your bank charges information.

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