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Manufacturing System

MISys Manufacturing Software

The MISys Manufacturing System - Level 2
When you are readu. Level 2 extends the capabities of the MISys Manufacturing System with fully integrated Production Control. Master Production Shceduling, and Material Requirements Planning capabitities. A test-drive comp of MISys Level 2 is provided with every installation of the MISys Manufacturing System. You are invited to experiment with the features of Level 2 using your own familiar data for a period of 30-days. You can permamemtly license MISys Level 2 any time you wish.

When the time is right, move up to Level 2, which adds production control, master production scheduling (MPS), and material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities.


Create Manufacturing Orders

  • Create manufacturing orders based on standard bills of material.
  • Create manufacturing orders directly from Advantage sales orders.
  • Associate jobs with manufacturing orders for detailed cost analysis.
  • Edit manufacturing orders to create custom job orders.
  • Allocate special items such as labor, supplies, and tooling to customize manufacturing order.
  • Attach word processing files to provide unlimited amounts of online documentation.
  • Attach pictures (all popular formats supported).
  • Create and link child manufacturing orders to any parent manufacturing order.
  • Copy previous orders to speed up amending order generation.
  • Print internal manufacturing order approvals and multi-page production manufacturing orders and travelers.
  • Analyze standard, projected, and actual job costs with performance variances.
  • Create detailed manufacturing order pick lists.
  • Pick partial or complete manufacturing orders.
  • Complete support for Stock, WIP, and Reserve stock with automatic backflush.
  • Back-flush complete or partially completed manufacturing orders.
  • Automatically adjust raw materials based on actual production yield.
  • Special handling of non-backflush type items.
  • Record scrap resulting from specific manufacturing order processing.
  • Expedite and close manufacturing orders at any time with automatic cleanup of partially committed material.
  • Transfer completed items directly to Sage 300(ACCPAC) finished goods inventory.

Produce Master Production Schedules

  • Create a Master Production Schedule (MPS) for any planning horizon.
  • True bucketless scheduling with user-defined period number and size.
  • Save and re-open multiple production schedules.
  • Maintain a pool of active production schedules.
  • Share production schedules among MISys/2000 workgroup users.
  • Include or ignore current inventory, purchase order, and manufacturing orders in MPS.
  • Create and maintain batches of scheduling events.
  • Fix production start dates and schedule forward to completion.
  • Fix production completion dates and schedule back to start.
  • Apply batches to MPS to simulate planned purchasing and production activity.
  • Retrieve and schedule sales orders from Order Entry.
  • Instantly spotlight shortages of raw materials and sub-assemblies.
  • View master production schedule for all items, or items meeting specific stocking criteria.
  • Drill down master production schedule to view item schedule on period-by-period basis.
  • Drill down item schedule to view current and planned activity.

Analyze Material Requirements Plans

  • Base material requirements on zero, minimum, or reorder points.
  • Create Material Requirements Plan (MRP) based on results of MPS.
  • Print detailed Purchasing Advice Report to show items which must be purchased in order to satisfy MPS.
  • Purchasing Advice Report identifies available suppliers and suggests expediting existing purchase orders where appropriate.
  • Print detailed Production Advice Report to show items which must be built in order to satisfy MPS.
  • Production Advice Report suggests expediting existing manufacturing orders where appropriate.
  • Create purchase orders based on quantities and dates indicated by MRP.
  • Create production manufacturing orders based on quantities and dates indicated by MRP.
  • Print MRP reports showing activity for all periods, active periods only, or net activity per item.


MISys Level 2 requires the prior activation of MISys Level 1.

The MISys Manufacturing System - Level 1
The MISys Manufacturing System - Level 2
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